New Years Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for all the gifts you have given me in my life. In this year, 2018, I wish to continue to feel love over fear, faith over suffering, light over dark and hope over doubt. I have grown so much and learned many lessons. Thank you for sticking by my side and supporting me during these transformative times. I am grateful for the divine mission of my soul and wish to fully step into my authentic soul plan this year! Thank you for my amazing health and helping me continue on in great health. Give me motivation and strength to move my body in fun fulfilling ways. Help me release energies, frequencies that do not align with my heart/soul mission with ease and grace. Help me continue to live in every moment with a full awareness of love and Christ Consciousness. I am open to gifts from the Divine and wish to create from my heart center with no expectations. I wish to activate more talents and hidden psychic abilities throughout this entire year and live with energetic clarity. Thank you for helping me live with my heart open to love as much as possible.  May distracting frequencies fall away and anything that is no longer in alignment with unconditional love be removed from my aura now. I wish to experience child like innocence, fun, laughter and happy times this year. Thank you for opening me up to these new energies filled with love/light language, clearer thinking, and abundance in all forms. Let love lead the way this year and the years to come. Whenever doubts, old habits or fears arise, please help me create a consciousness of Christ love and give all worries to you. I AM here to serve, I AM here to love, I AM here for peace, I AM here to prosper. I AM HERE NOW. Thank you for always giving me exactly what I need and for always providing love in my life. As the old continues to fall away, I am happy and joyful knowing I AM a part of the master plan. God bless us all this year and all the years to come. Bless us every moment. SO IT IS. SO BE IT. AMEN.

The Power of Heart Energy


How amazing that our heart is the first organ that appears as we manifest into physical form… The electromagnetic field of the heart is much stronger then the brains electromagnetic field. The hearts magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from the body, yet many people still believe the brain has all the power. Many people are afraid of their heart opening. Since the heart possesses its own unique intrinsic nervous system, it is truly important to balance and access positive emotions as much as possible… These positive flowing emotions create a harmonious beautifully flowing energy, which directly correlates to our abundance, joy and health. The heart is the key component of our emotional system. HEARTMATH INSTITUTE’S incredible research shows that positive emotions such as LOVE, APPRECIATION and JOY, have smoother more harmonious rhythm waves from the heart; opposed to negative emotions… which have more chaotic, erratic waves.

Our heart is not only the gateway to the DIVINE, our heart is the center of unity consciousness. The heart is our ultimate teacher… we can ask our heart questions and create stillness for answers. How many times a day do we call on our heart for guidance? How many times a day do we call on our heart for love and joy? If we are unaware of the powers of the heart, then how can we even know to ask these questions. Our relationship with our heart center is the most important relationship in our lives. Without an authentic connection to our own heart, how can we really connect with anyone else. We look for others to fill up our hearts, but that only takes us so far… then the truth sets in… which is we have to feel our own love first..  If we rarely acknowledge the magnitude of love that is already present in our hearts, we will be doing ourselves a disservice. We won’t be fully present in love, we will be overwhelmed by our ego commands.

If our hearts are blocked from past pain, suffering, and drama, there are ways to clear these blocks and open up to our truest heart potential. The most beneficial way to clear these blockages and cords of negative attachments is to SIMPLY ASK FOR HELP. Ask our guides, angels and higher self to help sever these old draining energies. This will transmute and eliminate what no longer serves us… Becoming aware of the patterns of energy that drain us will heal and make room for more love and light. The angel realm will always respect our free will choices, so we do have to ask for help. Truth is an even higher vibration than love, so telling the truth about our lives, feelings and emotions will set us free. It takes courage to want to change and notice there is a need for it. We were born with an unlimited amount of love and light… we forget how much love is inside us… we look outside us for love. This is backwards and the universe is helping us shift our awareness to love. The opposite of love is fear—-> fear and love can’t be felt at the same time… If we choose love over and over again, fears will disappear. Here are some ways to help activate our heart center and heal whatever holds us back…

Open Heart Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of my amazing heart. I recognize the incredible love that naturally radiates from my heart center and I wish to fully access the positive energies within me. Thank you for helping me eliminate harsh memories, pains and suffering from my past in all directions of time. Help me have the courage to recognize the negative draining patterns that take me out of my heart and into my head. I am grateful and open to transmute whatever energies, cords or experiences that block me from living and loving fully. I forgive myself for allowing these cords of attachment to remain intact for so long and I joyfully intend to release for good all that no longer serves my highest good. I understand I had to learn certain lessons to evolve and grow- at this time though, I wish for all my karma to be resolved and restored to the ultimate love that I AM. I ask for the tools and knowledge now to transform the dark dense energies of my past with ease and grace. Help me trust and believe in the power of the light and open me up to my own authentic power in my heart now. Allow me the freedom to live a healthy, pure loving, happy, abundant filled life. Give me strength to follow through with my SOUL PLAN and true heart desires. I AM able to quiet my mind, gain awareness and feel amazing as I allow my heart to send waves of unlimited love to every cell in my body. My aura is filled with this love and I AM in the divine flow with full surrender. I intend to feel excitement knowing this is just the beginning and that LOVE IS WHO I AM. This love that resonates deep within my core, help me spread it out, believe in it, love it, vibe with it and trust it. THIS IS IS WHO I AM. Help me remember the love and forget the pain. Help me stay fully present, aware and in love with life every moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. IT IS DONE.



I AM aware of and have full access to my unlimited, amazing heart.

I AM grateful to heal old wounds and attachments in my heart and transmute all pain to the PURE LOVE THAT I AM.

I AM fully in the moment living and loving from my heart center.

I AM radiant and spreading love wherever I go.

I AM open to new waves of positive energies that are available and streaming from my heart.

I AM always in touch with my heart and ask what my heart wishes to experience.

I AM ready to release what no longer serves my heart, to make room for more light.

I AM able to feel the powers that reside in my heart, I allow these powers to transform my life and create miracles. 

I AM flowing with the rhythm of love from my heart.

I AM sending love from my heart to my brain and every cell of my body, this love is a constant stream.

I AM worthy of love and love leads the way in my life now.

I AM choosing love over fear always.

I AM infinite love and people can feel my love all the time.

I AM one with my heart, when challenges arise, I face them with love.


Ask Archangel Chamuel to help open the heart to more love and heal whatever is needed to release anything that is not divine love your heart.




Energetic Clarity & Positive Emotions

wheel of emotions

Plutchick’s Wheel of Emotions

Energetic clarity is being able to balance and remain a clear channel for light and love regardless of what is happening around us. We can actually ask our hearts to send clarity to our minds through waves of love. The mind can be misused if there isn’t a direct vibration of unlimited love streaming towards it. The mind is incredible and the heart is the key to everything- so when the two are syncing, anything is possible. The clarity we long for is a smooth wave of positive enlightened emotions. Reading and absorbing the meanings of positive uplifting emotions, then FEELING them daily, will have a phenomenal impact on raising vibrations within and around us. So often we forget what certain positive emotions feel like, because we get distracted with everyday life and energies. Or we forget because we lost our innocence since childhood and don’t feel worthy of those positive feelings all the time.. The idea of integrating positive words to fuel new waves of uplifting vibrations can change our lives quickly. Simply noticing negative emotions when they arise and then pausing to feel the opposite positive emotion can help manifest happier times. The negative emotions did serve a purpose though, because without those feelings, the positive ones would have less meaning. This is not to say that there won’t be times negative emotions get triggered… it is just having an awareness of the waves of energy flowing within us and being able to recognize that we do not have to suffer in the moment any longer and that negative emotions help us grow and become more aware. Asking the angels for help in the moments you find it hard to stay positive will invite change.

Some positive emotions and their meanings…

JOY– a feeling of great pleasure or happiness

GRATITUDE– the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for.

SERENITY– the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

INTEREST– the state of wanting to learn/know about something/someone.

HOPE– feeling of trust.

PRIDE– feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction from one’s own achievement.

AMUSEMENT– something that causes laughter or provides entertainment.

INSPIRATION– being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

EUPHORIA– a feeling or state of intense excitement/ happiness.




Daily Oracle Card Reading

Today’s Card Pick From:

Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Oracle Cards


Amaterasu is seen as the Goddess of the Sun but also the Goddess of the Universe. Her name means shining in Heaven. You can call upon her energy to increase your self-esteem and to reveal your true self to other.

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?

Too often we take for granted the power of our choices.  The power of who we are – as we are.  Beneath all the surfaced, “molded”, and egoic aspects we sometimes express ourselves to be, is our souls true self.  Thinking back to childhood innocence perhaps you can tap into the feelings of the freedoms of your soul.  Remember what it felt like before societal influences, fears, perceived obligations, stress, etc… all set in and you started to divide from your soul self, who you really are, and what your heart truly desires.  The phrase coming out of the closet most often is referred to ones sexual orientation being declared to society.  In doing so, a weight is lifted, the mask gets taken off, and a person can feel freedom to express who they are–sexually.  But what if we came out of the closet with other things we “hide” from others out of shame, guilt, or fear.  The things we think separate us from our disillusionment of “normal”.  Whether it be to a large or small degree, whenever we go against our heart, and our true being, we are not only doing a disservice to ourselves but also to the world.  As a result your light dims and you become lost amongst all the other dimmed lighted souls.  The souls with the brightest lights are the ones who follow their truth and who are living out of love for themselves and for others.  Their lights can shine and be seen across the world touching the lives of many…  These people are in tune with themselves and have confidence in one’s worth or abilities; real self-respect.  From a young age our self-esteem is either awakened or closed.  This can be from our family’s influence, society and everything we absorb around us.  So often we feel judged by others and fear what people think.  This is where we need to realize it’s totally okay if people judge us…  We don’t have to react or care because if you follow the truth your heart and soul you will be happy regardless.  Reveal who you really are to others.  You will be spiritually supported through this process just ask the angels and ascended masters for their help.

Additional Meanings:

Let go of judgements about yourself or others.  Speak your truth with love.  Allow others to get to know the real you.  Trust that your authentic self is lovable and likable.  The more authentic you are, the higher the energy and success of all your projects.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who have comes alive.”

Howard Washington Thurman 


Reading by: Brittany & Danielle