Daily Oracle Card Reading

Today’s Card Pick From:

Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Oracle Cards


Amaterasu is seen as the Goddess of the Sun but also the Goddess of the Universe. Her name means shining in Heaven. You can call upon her energy to increase your self-esteem and to reveal your true self to other.

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?

Too often we take for granted the power of our choices.  The power of who we are – as we are.  Beneath all the surfaced, “molded”, and egoic aspects we sometimes express ourselves to be, is our souls true self.  Thinking back to childhood innocence perhaps you can tap into the feelings of the freedoms of your soul.  Remember what it felt like before societal influences, fears, perceived obligations, stress, etc… all set in and you started to divide from your soul self, who you really are, and what your heart truly desires.  The phrase coming out of the closet most often is referred to ones sexual orientation being declared to society.  In doing so, a weight is lifted, the mask gets taken off, and a person can feel freedom to express who they are–sexually.  But what if we came out of the closet with other things we “hide” from others out of shame, guilt, or fear.  The things we think separate us from our disillusionment of “normal”.  Whether it be to a large or small degree, whenever we go against our heart, and our true being, we are not only doing a disservice to ourselves but also to the world.  As a result your light dims and you become lost amongst all the other dimmed lighted souls.  The souls with the brightest lights are the ones who follow their truth and who are living out of love for themselves and for others.  Their lights can shine and be seen across the world touching the lives of many…  These people are in tune with themselves and have confidence in one’s worth or abilities; real self-respect.  From a young age our self-esteem is either awakened or closed.  This can be from our family’s influence, society and everything we absorb around us.  So often we feel judged by others and fear what people think.  This is where we need to realize it’s totally okay if people judge us…  We don’t have to react or care because if you follow the truth your heart and soul you will be happy regardless.  Reveal who you really are to others.  You will be spiritually supported through this process just ask the angels and ascended masters for their help.

Additional Meanings:

Let go of judgements about yourself or others.  Speak your truth with love.  Allow others to get to know the real you.  Trust that your authentic self is lovable and likable.  The more authentic you are, the higher the energy and success of all your projects.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who have comes alive.”

Howard Washington Thurman 


Reading by: Brittany & Danielle

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