New Years Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for all the gifts you have given me in my life. In this year, 2018, I wish to continue to feel love over fear, faith over suffering, light over dark and hope over doubt. I have grown so much and learned many lessons. Thank you for sticking by my side and supporting me during these transformative times. I am grateful for the divine mission of my soul and wish to fully step into my authentic soul plan this year! Thank you for my amazing health and helping me continue on in great health. Give me motivation and strength to move my body in fun fulfilling ways. Help me release energies, frequencies that do not align with my heart/soul mission with ease and grace. Help me continue to live in every moment with a full awareness of love and Christ Consciousness. I am open to gifts from the Divine and wish to create from my heart center with no expectations. I wish to activate more talents and hidden psychic abilities throughout this entire year and live with energetic clarity. Thank you for helping me live with my heart open to love as much as possible.  May distracting frequencies fall away and anything that is no longer in alignment with unconditional love be removed from my aura now. I wish to experience child like innocence, fun, laughter and happy times this year. Thank you for opening me up to these new energies filled with love/light language, clearer thinking, and abundance in all forms. Let love lead the way this year and the years to come. Whenever doubts, old habits or fears arise, please help me create a consciousness of Christ love and give all worries to you. I AM here to serve, I AM here to love, I AM here for peace, I AM here to prosper. I AM HERE NOW. Thank you for always giving me exactly what I need and for always providing love in my life. As the old continues to fall away, I am happy and joyful knowing I AM a part of the master plan. God bless us all this year and all the years to come. Bless us every moment. SO IT IS. SO BE IT. AMEN.

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