This blog is dedicated to raising vibrations and evolving positive energies. We all have choices everyday that can spark conscious awareness to a deeper understanding of life and why we are here. Ultimately life is about growth, expansion and most importantly love… So we wanted to share some valuable ways to explore spirituality, doesn’t matter what religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation you are… what matters is love and a commitment to making this world a better place. It is possible, now more then ever, to open up to new levels of consciousness and raise your vibration higher then you may have ever thought you could. We have learned that positive affirmations/visualizations, prayers, and clear intentions can influence and draw enlightening circumstances into our everyday lives. We are dedicated to raising vibrations closer to the light and closer to higher consciousness. With much love and light!   

Danielle and Brittany started their Twin Flame ascension journey in 2005 when they met. Twin Flames are those who share a near identical energetic vibration; the other half of your soul. A Twin Flame union is one of the most sacred experiences in life for it is a pure divine expression of balance, harmony, and love. The connection exists to aid the collective growth of our planet towards compassion, tranquility, and love. Together they practice and teach energy medicine i.e. Reiki and psychic surgery. They also practice their channeling through their gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, automatic writing, and angel card readings. Danielle and Brittany have journeyed down the Ascension path and are offering their wisdom and support through your own Ascension journey as your Ascension Guides.

Danielle & Brittany


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