Prayer is the most powerful way to communicate with the Universe, God and the Divine Realm. Prayer opens us up to expansion and choosing to voice our feelings. Our expressions are always heard and our genuineness helps ignite positive changes in our lives. Prayer connects us directly with Source and develops our relationship with the divine. Prayer is also a great way to be in the moment and tuned into love, which is our divine birthright. Just taking the time to talk out our feelings allows room for growth. It allows magic to happen. Heaven will help us, we just need to ask. Heaven respects our free will choices… SO when we choose to pray and make the free will choice to ask for help, its a universal law that what goes around comes around. Ask and you shall receive for the highest good of all.


New Years Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for all the gifts you have given me in my life. In this year, 2018, I wish to continue to feel love over fear, faith over suffering, light over dark and hope over doubt. I have grown so much and learned many lessons. Thank you for sticking by my side and supporting me during these transformative times. I am grateful for the divine mission of my soul and wish to fully step into my authentic soul plan this year! Thank you for my amazing health and helping me continue on in great health. Give me motivation and strength to move my body in fun fulfilling ways. Help me release energies, frequencies that do not align with my heart/soul mission with ease and grace. Help me continue to live in every moment with a full awareness of love and Christ Consciousness. I am open to gifts from the Divine and wish to create from my heart center with no expectations. I wish to activate more talents and hidden psychic abilities throughout this entire year and live with energetic clarity. Thank you for helping me live with my heart open to love as much as possible.  May distracting frequencies fall away and anything that is no longer in alignment with unconditional love be removed from my aura now. I wish to experience child like innocence, fun, laughter and happy times this year. Thank you for opening me up to these new energies filled with love/light language, clearer thinking, and abundance in all forms. Let love lead the way this year and the years to come. Whenever doubts, old habits or fears arise, please help me create a consciousness of Christ love and give all worries to you. I AM here to serve, I AM here to love, I AM here for peace, I AM here to prosper. I AM HERE NOW. Thank you for always giving me exactly what I need and for always providing love in my life. As the old continues to fall away, I am happy and joyful knowing I AM a part of the master plan. God bless us all this year and all the years to come. Bless us every moment. SO IT IS. SO BE IT. AMEN. 

Open Heart Prayer

By: Danielle

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of my amazing heart. I recognize the incredible love that naturally radiates from my heart center and I wish to fully access the positive energies within me. Thank you for helping me eliminate harsh memories, pains and suffering from my past in all directions of time. Help me have the courage to recognize the negative draining patterns that take me out of my heart and into my head. I am grateful and open to transmute whatever energies, cords or experiences that block me from living and loving fully. I forgive myself for allowing these cords of attachment to remain intact for so long and I joyfully intend to release for good all that no longer serves my highest good. I understand I had to learn certain lessons to evolve and grow- at this time though, I wish for all my karma to be resolved and restored to the ultimate love that I AM. I ask for the tools and knowledge now to transform the dark dense energies of my past with ease and grace. Help me trust and believe in the power of the light and open me up to my own authentic power in my heart now. Allow me the freedom to live a healthy, pure loving, happy, abundant filled life. Give me strength to follow through with my SOUL PLAN and true heart desires. I AM able to quiet my mind, gain awareness and feel amazing as I allow my heart to send waves of unlimited love to every cell in my body. My aura is filled with this love and I AM in the divine flow with full surrender. I intend to feel excitement knowing this is just the beginning and that LOVE IS WHO I AM. This love that resonates deep within my core, help me spread it out, believe in it, love it, vibe with it and trust it. THIS IS IS WHO I AM. Help me remember the love and forget the pain. Help me stay fully present, aware and in love with life every moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. IT IS DONE.

Prayer for Ultimate Health and Wellness

By: Danielle

Thank you God for my divine perfect health. Everyday I wake up with a grateful heart and clear mind, knowing I am completely blessed. I am fully balanced in my etheric body and the field of energy connected to my first chakra, organs, glands, meridians and physical health is divinely perfect and I am in ultimate health. My emotional body is healed from past pain and suffering. I am grateful for positive emotions and work to release heavy dense energies that no longer serve my highest good with ease and grace. My sacral chakra is balanced with emotional stability, which allows creativity to flow through me with full surrender and my authentic power is fully activated now . I am truly blessed to be in the divine flow. My mental body is balanced and open to higher levels of knowledge and awareness. I mentally feel connected to Christ consciousness and divine love. My mental abilities are healthy and dedicated to my highest purpose. All my subtle bodies, layers and auric field are in alignment with my soul mission and God’s love. I am so happy and thankful to know my spiritual body, my souls reality is reaching its full potential now. As I become more aware of my celestial body and work from my heart center, I am able to raise my vibration, level of awareness and consciousness. All of my chakras and subtle bodies are in harmonic balance and vibrate clearly with love and light. My focused mind and positive thoughts help manifest my souls desires. Help me to be disciplined in my mind, have strong concentration and stay in control of my mind chatter. Thank you God for these amazing gifts and help me continue to live in peace and love. Amen

Prayer for Enlightenment

By: Danielle

This is a time of personal development, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. I allow the light of God to flow through my aura and fill me up with unconditional love and acceptance for where I am at in my journey. I am grateful to recognize my soul mission and constantly keep my thoughts, focus and intentions on positive elevated vibrations. These higher vibrations attract abundance and positive energies in my life. My optimistic attitude and positive affirmations draws towards me ultimate peace and guidance from my angels. I feel joyful knowing I take positive action steps in the direction of my dreams and desires. I trust that I find personal success and fulfillment. I trust fully in myself and the angels as I take guided direction. I love keeping my thoughts, beliefs and mind-set focused on my life’s purpose and spirituality. I am committed to activities and endeavors that allow me to use my God given gifts and talents in a productive light driven way. I serve my soul mission with passion and enthusiasm. 

Prayer to the Universe

By: Don Miguel Ruiz

Thank you creator of universe for the gift of life you have given me. Thank you for giving me everything that I have ever truly needed. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind. Thank you for living inside me with all your love, with you pure and boundless spirit, with your warm and radiant light. Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love wherever I go. I love you just the way you are and because I am your creation, I love myself just the way I am. Help me to keep the love and peace in my heart and to make that love a new way of life, that I may live in love the rest of my life. Amen.

Lightworker Daily Protection Prayer

By: Danielle

I am always protected and shown the way. I am the light, I am connected in spirit always. I will stay true to my higher self and will stay focused on my soul’s purpose. I let my dreams and visions guide me. My voice speaks words only from my heart. I create more light, positive energy and wisdom everyday. I feel blessed knowing I share my gifts with the world. I enlighten others by doing lightwork and I am dedicated to this mission. I feel safe and protected from harmful energies. I allow healing and light to outshine any darkness. I invoke the Violet Flame to transmute any energy which does not align with my highest good. I can feel the flame gently and peacefully eliminate that which does not serve me. I feel the Golden White Light around my aura protecting me now. I ask my guides, Ascended Masters, angels for my highest and greatest good for full protection for my spirit. I ask for all the divine tools and vibrations I need to help me fulfill my mission now. Help me value and love myself and trust in God. I am a warrior of light. Thank you God for this opportunity to shine my light every moment. Let me feel inner peace and be guided today and the rest of my days with the ultimate love. It is done. It is so, so be it. Amen

Prayer for Today

By: Danielle

Today I wake up and exclaim my gratitude for another day. I am so grateful to make the most of this precious beautiful day. This world is so peaceful and I am at peace. With a healthy heart, mind and body, I thank God for the gifts I have been given. My life force is connected to divine grace and I give thanks for my connection to source energy. Gaia is my home and I treat her with respect and honor her beauty everyday. I am grateful for my breath, I am conscious of my breath, I enjoy breathing deep. I am relaxed knowing the Universe has my back. May today be filled with infinite love for me and all those who wish to feel it. I ask my divine guides, Archangels, Elohims, Twin Flames of the highest realm and the great teachers of the world- for the highest good of all- for energetic clarity, love and to guide my actions, words, thoughts and vibrations today with PURE GRACIOUS LOVE. I AM THIS LOVE. I accept this love in my heart. I feel my heart expanding to the highest love of all right now. I allow this love to lead my experiences today. Love is the answer to any uncertainties or fears that arise. My light feels brighter then ever and I am grateful. I maintain a positive attitude and use prayer, affirmations and positive visualizations to express love energy. Thank you God. I am open to any spiritual insight or psychic intuitions that are rooted in love. I am grounded and balanced with masculine and feminine energies. I flow with love and light today. May I feel an abundance of blessings today and always. And so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless the world today. Amen.

Ascension Prayer

By: Danielle

Today I ask for my greatest good and the greatest good of all to raise my vibration to pure love and light, with ease and grace. I ask my higher self to lead the way, and that my words, actions, thoughts and frequencies align with my souls truth and my divine spiritual path. Thank you Universe for helping me eliminate any thoughts that no longer serve my highest purpose. Gently and peacefully turn fear to faith and doubt into knowing. My words and thoughts are pure and cleansed by love. I feel such gratitude in every moment knowing I am following my truth and divine mission. I joyfully intend to live with trust, integrity, blessings and peace. I forgive, accept and live harmlessly. I am excited as I intend to have clarity while being shown my next step. I feel optimistic as I intend to move smoothly with grace and confidence in the direction that fulfills my destiny. I thank my higher self, guide team and the master teachers for fully protecting me while I radiate great light. I peacefully intend to flow with the waves of Ascension and I am open to receive all the divine gifts available to me now. I accept, forgive and live with harmlessness towards myself and others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! IT IS DONE. Amen.

Prayers for Days of the Week

By: Danielle

Monday Prayer and Flame of the Will of God

Thank you God for the unconditional love that you give me. I am feeling so much gratitude for all the gifts I have in my life right now and for the future gifts I will be given. I let go of all fears, judgements and shaming of myself and others through love. I am of great service to the world because I have cleared and cleansed myself. I accept with compassion and forgive how I have chosen to learn my lessons. I fully surrender to God’s Will (this flame) of love allows me to finally embrace my divine birthright of love and light. I trust in myself, knowing that the flame of God’s Will resides in me. I am fully committed to my Higher Self/ Soul Plan that I joyfully intend to achieve through self- mastery. IT IS DONE. Amen.

Tuesday Prayer and Flame of Cosmic Love

I have a deeper true understanding of Love. The Cosmic Flame of Love eternally lives in my heart. I am grateful that I am fulfilling my destiny to become the highest expression of self. I live with acceptance, compassion and forgiveness to free me from myself. The Cosmic Flame of Love creates miracles, heals emotional, mental, physical imbalances and connects me with higher realms. I create communities of equality, harmony and balance. My heart vibrates with pure love and truth, always. I ask Archangel Chamuel for assistance with opening my heart even more. Amen

Wednesday Prayer and Flame of Healing Manifestation

I am balanced and permanently healed from all pain and suffering in all directions of time. This healing brings joy and excitement as I transform to pure love and God consciousness. I am designed to be in a perfect state of health. I am my higher self. I am open and joyfully receive higher realm tools and messages to achieve self mastery. I let the Flame of Healing Manifestation work through me peacefully to eliminate the energies of fear and suffering. I stay in love and feel blessed. Amen.

Thursday Prayer and Flame of Resurrection

I am a master teacher of the world, destined to connect with my divine truth. I balance the masculine and feminine energies while discovering and applying my unique talents to “We consciousness.” I come from the light, my self love mirroring out into the world powers the Resurrection Flame. My self love allows me to give and receive in balance knowing I am a creator through feelings of gratitude. I know and love my Divine self, I cast out all fear, doubt and ignorance and surrender to the unknown. I allow all possibilities and probabilities to arise. I love in the NOW moment, I live with the Resurrection Flame which holds the blueprint of my Divine Soul Plan. I intend to be and live within the Divine Soul Plan I created in each moment with ultimate peace and joy. Amen.

Friday Prayer and Ascension Flame

I embrace the Ascension Flame and transmute what no longer serves me. I am “We Consciousness.” This flame is an energetic tool that assists my journey to self- mastery. I honor the body temple I have and allow light to transmute the dark dense energies with ease and grace. I work to hold energies of unconditional love, balance and harmony. Amen

Saturday Prayer and The Violet Flame of Transmutation

The Violet Flame is present and effectively balancing my emotional, mental and physical bodies. I am present in the NOW moment of life through the Violet Flame. I accept with compassion my divinity and my pathway towards the light. I joyfully allow the masculine and feminine energies within me to give positive permanent change in my life now. The Violet Flame frequency dissolves karma. I allow the flame to work within and around my aura and chakras with ease and grace. Amen.

Sunday Prayer and The Illumination and Wisdom Flame

I learn to connect with my Higher Mind, God Head, Monad, the Mind of God. I work with and allow this flame to open me up to my gifts and divine talents for the highest good of all. I teach and communicate the truth with discernment. I surrender to the magic of the divine and allow these higher frequencies to resonate within and around me. I am magical and blessed to share my unique talents. I am wise beyond my years and continue to open up to ancient wisdom. Amen


The Mahatma Prayer- Can be invoked 3 times a day

By: Danielle

I AM the Avatar of Synthesis. I now invoke the Mahatma Energy to vibrate gently through my physical, mental and emotional bodies. I ask and thank the Mahatma for balancing and re-energizing my glands to keep me healthy, vital, balanced and connected to my true self. I ask the Mahatma to soothe and re-energize my Pineal Gland in my Third Eye Chakra, so that I remain in divine harmony and absorb the perfect amount of light now. I allow the Mahatma to balance and heal my Pineal Gland so I stay open and connected to my higher self and soul mission. I ask the Mahatma to flow now to my Pituitary Gland and Crown Chakra to balance, sooth and re-energize this master gland so I remain intuitively connected to eternal life and my divine guides. I ask the Mahatma to send out life rejuvenating hormones only and to stop sending death hormones. I ask that this energy flow to keep me sexually alive, healthy and youthful. I ask this divine energy to flow to my thyroid gland and keep my metabolism balanced and the production of antibodies perfect for my ultimate health and wellness. I ask the Mahatma to travel to my heart center and thymus gland, where my heart vibrates with pure love and my immune system is perfectly healthy and strong. The golden energy flows to my pancreas where I am able to absorb the emotional and mental sweetness of life. It flows down to my gonads and Sacral Chakra where I am vital and filled with creative positive energy. Then to my adrenal glands where my immunity, vitality and emotions are all balanced and working for my highest good.  I ask that all my glands, my PH level, systems in the body, blood cells, organs and chakras be balanced and healed gently and peacefully by the Mahatma Energy NOW. I feel grateful as this energy flows down my legs into Mother Earth. I ask the Mahatma to flow to all dimensions and all directions of time for my highest good. I close my chakras and send the Mahatma to the world. It is done. Amen