Affirmations are incredibly powerful and send positive vibrations out to the Universe. Saying, “I AM” is the key to unlocking your true potential. Say, “I” and take an in breath, then say, “AM”  on the out breath.. then say the rest of the affirmation. The breath allows acknowledgement of the sacred power of “I AM,” pausing and taking the breath, allows the ego to stay out of it. Feeling joy and happiness while saying affirmations sends out vibrations to the Universe that what you are saying is already happening, which is the key element with the Law of Attraction. 


Self Love Affirmations

I AM that I AM

I AM hearing my higher self every moment, it is loud, clear, and loving always.

I AM freeing myself of the past and accepting the unknown with excitement and wonder.

I AM open to God’s love that is radiant within my being.

I AM grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves now and live out my Divine Soul Plan with ease and grace.

I AM a magnet for positive love and I AM amazed by the love and light surrounding me.

I AM God’s child and my energy is perfect, I live in truth and inspire myself and others.

I AM feeling the infinite love from my heart center spread all around me.

I AM bright and cheerful knowing that whatever is happening is for the highest good.

I AM so grateful for the Divine Tools & Wisdom available now, I take advantage and love how they help my transformation.

I AM openly aware of my joyful gifts and blossom with unconditional love for myself.

I AM reclaiming my power to be radiant, magnetically charged with positive energies and creativity.

I AM thriving with passion, compassion, humor and style.

I AM a flowing river of abundance and love in perfect harmony with my divine self.

I AM open to the wonderful energies of the Universe and I put wonder back into the earth by being me.

I AM grateful for the great divine master plan that is revealing my truth, my heart is open to the truth.

I AM miraculously healed in my mind and body.

I AM always allowing God’s love to flow through me today and always.

I AM divinely guided in my thoughts, actions and words every moment.

I AM so happy and grateful knowing the Universe has my back.

I AM always provided with enough money and material wealth.

I AM in complete alignment with the universal flow of abundance.

I AM trusting that everything in my life is working for the highest good and I am open to receiving all that I am meant to have.

I AM in complete surrender, I let go of fear, I let go of pain, I constantly love in love.

I AM a creator, I choose to vibrate with love and light.

I am respecting and honoring my divine gifts. I use these gifts for the highest good of all.

I AM honoring the gifts of insight and intuition, I clearly understand divine messages and follow my guidance.

I  AM choosing to accept positive and divine energies in my life right now.

I AM the writer, producer and director of my life, I choose happily ever after.

I AM living in the now moment and let go of the past.

I AM the God flame of radiant love, that loves shines bright everyday of my life.

I AM  grateful for my divine health and wellness. I continue to stay in the mindset of perfect health and wellbeing.

I AM living my true purpose with ease and grace.

I AM so happy knowing that each day I see my life’s purpose more clearly and my life unfolds with absolute purpose.


I AM aware of and have full access to my unlimited, amazing heart.

I AM grateful to heal old wounds and attachments in my heart and transmute all pain to the PURE LOVE THAT I AM.

I AM fully in the moment living and loving from my heart center.

I AM radiant and spreading love wherever I go.

I AM open to new waves of positive energies that are available and streaming from my heart.

I AM always in touch with my heart and ask what my heart wishes to experience.

I AM ready to release what no longer serves my heart, to make room for more light.

I AM able to feel the powers that reside in my heart, I allow these powers to transform my life and create miracles. 

I AM flowing with the rhythm of love from my heart.

I AM sending love from my heart to my brain and every cell of my body, this love is a constant stream.

I AM worthy of love and love leads the way in my life now.

I AM choosing love over fear always.

I AM infinite love and people can feel my love all the time.

I AM one with my heart, when challenges arise, I face them with love.